Whoa! Where did we just go now. Tennis. Now wasn’t that a good old American sport when Connors, Mcenroe, Sampras and Agassi ruled the roost at different phases. But why in the world are even talking tennis. Well let’s just say that something just got me thinking, about how some things just have to change. I got hooked on to good old Roger Fed in the last decade, and I started looking at tennis as much beyond an American sport. Not in a long time was the world exposed to such supreme levels of beauty, dexterity, artistry and skill rolled into one package.

As Roger failed to succeed even with his A Game against the new pretender to the crown, Novak Djokovic, one couldn’t help wondering whether the world is seeing the curtains pulled down one of the greatest legends of the game.

Philosophy and nature dictates that all good things must come to an end, but business wisdom dictates that all good things would continue till they are replaced by the next big thing. So back in your and my little world, is there an end time in sight for email marketing. Dare I say, NO with an vehemence bordering on arrogance. Predictive studies would back me on this one. And as long as the world respects email marketing as the single most important cog in the digital marketing armory, there would always be an able bodied corollary called Email Appending.

So, let good old Roger play his way through his sunset years, you my friends, can hold on tight to your email appending plans for another decade.

How you can do it better, now that’s one for another set of blogs. Right now, I’m ready with a soccer ball and be sure the next time you hear from me, there’s going to be more sport, more business and more email in the mix.