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Terry MaternowskiAccount Manager
“Append Solutions is by far the BEST Email Append Services I’ve used. They consistently deliver quality data for a low price. The team members are great to work with and provides excellent customer service. Thanks Append Solutions for the awesome work!”
Glendine SalvateraProduction Manager
“AppendSolutions are professional and very hard working. The firm has set a well-defined reporting procedure providing buyers with adequate data to monitor day-to-day performance and over all ROI. The company is dedicated to client satisfaction and is willing to find ways to improve their performance. The firm’s leadership is honest and tries their best to accommodate sometime can be last minute request.”
Lydie MinManager
“I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the extraordinary service you provided to. With only 2 days to go before a major trade show, you and your team stepped up, worked with us to get our requirements, did all the technical work, and got the mailing out in a matter of a few hours. This was service above and beyond, and we really appreciate it.”
Jeff PepperPresident and CEO
“We searched for quite a while trying to find a reliable data Append vendor, particularly one that offers accurate email address Append. We eventually found and have been using Append Solutions for over four years now with much success.”
Craig HudsonMgr., CRM & Database Marketing

Email Appending A Necessary Aid

Email is an integral part of American business. About 62% of all employed Americans have Internet access and virtually all of those (98%) use email on the job. That amounts to more than 57 million American adults. Most of them find email a convenient tool for daily work tasks. But, contrary to the perception that an average American worker is buried in email, the large majority of those who use email at work have a view that email is manageable and expedient. They spend a huge chunk of their typical workday schedule reading and writing email. A portion of those emails probably replace telephone calls or faxes or direct mail. For about half of American workers, email volume has grown in the last year, indicating a need of businesses to be well equipped with this tool.

In the workplace, email works best for some managing communications in a fast and effective way. Email also serves the most complicated tasks, like big projects.


  • 77% of employees say email helps them keep up with events at work.
  • 63% find email more effective than using the phone or talking in person for various business purposes.
  • 67% find email most effective for reviewing or editing documents.

These stats reflect the fact that, in today’s business atmosphere, the importance of Emails cannot be ignored. Businesses can reach their Target Audience in a much efficient, cost effective and sophisticated manner via Email. This means, your company’s prospect or client database can only be said complete if it has Email addresses along with other necessary demographic details. The marketing battle is half won if all the channels of communication are explored.

If the client does not have Email addresses in the Company database, then they could use Email Append Service that is offered by the leading list vendors. Email Append has been a successful ally for clients across industry verticals and have influenced in strategizing better market plans resulting in increased ROI. Here, it always gives the client a certainty that their business database is utilized to the maximum. The clients are serviced with state of the art process of Append Email addresses to the database in a fast, unique and cost-effective method.

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