“I am very pleased with the results of the append service. The data quality was great. They consistently provide great customer service and they stand behind their data.”
Terry MaternowskiAccount Manager
“Append Solutions is by far the BEST Email Append Services I’ve used. They consistently deliver quality data for a low price. The team members are great to work with and provides excellent customer service. Thanks Append Solutions for the awesome work!”
Glendine SalvateraProduction Manager
“AppendSolutions are professional and very hard working. The firm has set a well-defined reporting procedure providing buyers with adequate data to monitor day-to-day performance and over all ROI. The company is dedicated to client satisfaction and is willing to find ways to improve their performance. The firm’s leadership is honest and tries their best to accommodate sometime can be last minute request.”
Lydie MinManager
“I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the extraordinary service you provided to. With only 2 days to go before a major trade show, you and your team stepped up, worked with us to get our requirements, did all the technical work, and got the mailing out in a matter of a few hours. This was service above and beyond, and we really appreciate it.”
Jeff PepperPresident and CEO
“We searched for quite a while trying to find a reliable data Append vendor, particularly one that offers accurate email address Append. We eventually found and have been using Append Solutions for over four years now with much success.”
Craig HudsonMgr., CRM & Database Marketing

Case Studies


The Client: Founded in 1983, our client is the leading provider of enterprise management software for project-focused organizations. It helps companies to maximize profitability and productivity, integrating all aspects of their businesses. Presently our client’s software applications and solutions help more than 12,000 organizations achieve success worldwide.

The Scenario: In order to increase their sales and revenue, our client needed to improve the reach of its products to a higher number of potential buyers. The consensus in the Clients ranks was to work through internet media to target potential buyers in a cost effective manner and maximize sales. This would be achieved primarily through personalized email campaigns to a targeted prospect group. This called for a database Append service to fill in the missing information in their database.

The Solution: The AppendSolutions® team studied the contact database of the Client extensively to device the right match strategies. The target group included decision makers from Architecture and Engineering firms, professional services firms and independent consulting firms. The Client had a database size of 100,000 plus records of which, 3 batches totaling 26,000 records needed to be appended over a rush period of 45 days. AppendSolutions® completed the batch sizes within 40 days and the entire project over the course of 15 months, earlier than the estimated time-line. The project with the customary levels of verification and achieved a high match rate of 61%.

Benefit: The Client has been running personalized email campaigns to the appended list with significant degree of success in both reach and revenue through sales. The client has expressed a high level of satisfaction at the outcome of its e-marketing initiatives supported by the very effective email Append job completed by AppendSolutions®.

Present Scenario: The Client has currently signed up with AppendSolutions® for a new email Append project to reach out to 500 plus companies reaching out to 15,000+ contacts and is slated for completion by end of the year.


The Client:
Based in Newark, NJ., our client is one of the biggest name in the field of Business Intelligence Services in the country. The company specializes in expert business solutions and proper intelligence guidance for functionality and management.

The Scenario: AppendSolutions® has served the client for more than 2 years now, offering top of the line Email Append solutions for their unique requirements. The client’s channels of interaction consisted of High-quality newsletters, research reports, conferences, seminars, audio- conferences, training, certification and advisory services. To effectively market their services to all their potential customers, the client needed to have the complete contact information of its prospects and clients listed in its internal database

The Solution: AppendSolutions® was approached by the client with a requirement to fill in missing emails for a database size of 25,000 contacts spread across industries initially to run a newsletter campaign. The database consisted of C level and V level decision makers of large to mid sized organizations. The first project yielded a phenomenal 70% match rate and subsequently the client signed in for a project size of 500,000 records spread across 24 months. The project was completed in February 2008 with a substantial match rate of approximately 50%.

Benefit: AppendSolutions® email Append solution helped the client achieve a marked increase in its net reach (to the tune of around 250,000 plus contacts) and in effect has substantially improved its brand recognition and visibility, leading to a marked gain in its Return On Investment by more than 50%.

Present Scenario: The Client has currently signed up with AppendSolutions® for a new email Append project for 10000+ contacts and is slated for completion by end of May, 2008


The Client: The client is a multinational manufacturing giant having proven expertise in the range of particle analysis and rheological instrumentation that delivers inter-related measurements reflecting the complexities of particulates and disperse systems, nano-materials and macromolecules. Head-quartered in the United Kingdom, they also have a countrywide manufacturing operations setup in the United States.

The Scenario: The company had a vast worldwide database of their present customers in order to maintain business communication. But the major part of this database was out of date and needed a thorough updating. This included not only Append email addresses to the contacts, but also verifying and replacing the outdated email addresses with the current ones.AppendSolutions® was entrusted with the project of “List Cleansing” for an approximate of 250,000+ contacts within a span of ten months. The project was handled through AppendSolutions® in-house process of Database hygiene and this returned more than 150,000+ verified email addresses. The project was unique as Append Solutions had to verify and append not only business email addresses from the US, but through out the world in keeping with the clients’ requirement.

Benefit: The result of the email verification, coupled with email Append gave the client the opportunity to increase their reach to 60% more customers. It helped them to pass on the necessary information regarding their new products and launches to more number of interested audiences, thereby resulting in better business returns

Present Scenario: Presently AppendSolutions® is helping the client to append email addresses to 100,000 contacts in a phased mode. The expected delivery of the project is by the end of 2012.

Human Resource

The Client: The Client is a leader in providing a comprehensive array of employee assessment instruments used to put people in the right jobs, help managers lead, coach, and motivate effectively, and help all employees direct their efforts to achieve greater productivity and profitability. Founded in 1991, they have a complete catalog of state-of-the-art occupational assessments that target all phases of employment, from selection and hiring to training, self-coaching and management performance.

The Scenario: As the client provided a complete solution in employee assessment from a wide variety of industry verticals, they had to extend their visibility in the Human Resources domain. And that had to be achieved without investing a fortune in the communications part. Their database of prospective and present contacts missed email addresses for the large part. An Email Append project was offered to AppendSolutions® in order to reach the contacts via emails and thereby cutting down the unnecessary expenses. AppendSoultions was provided with a list of 50,000+ contacts for which the email addresses were to be appended within a time span of 1 year in batch files.AppendSolutions®, through its proprietary match methodology provided a structured output on all the files and the client had a final success rate of 65%.

Benefit: It helped the client to offer their expert service and solution to an increased audience size. The client was able to increase their visibility, but at a meager budget compared to the other channels of marketing and advertising.