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Data Hygiene - Don't let Your Marketing Data Go Obsolete

The importance of having accurate and valid email address information in your database cannot be overstated. Research has shown that email addresses undergo changes frequently, with one in every five emails changing once every three months due to factors such as attrition, relocation, switchover, and close-down. To ensure accuracy and validity, validation should be performed at least every six months.

AppendSolutions® offers Email Change of Address (ECOA) management with Email List Hygiene to help clients maintain fresh marketing lists through Data Cleansing. Our Data Cleansing solution enables clients to reconnect with customers who have changed their email addresses, among other benefits such as:


  • Retaining existing customers or subscribers and improving member loyalty
  • Ensuring campaigns reach the intended recipients’ inboxes
  • Reducing costs associated with undeliverable emails
  • Avoiding being blacklisted by major ISPs


Features of our ECOA and Data Hygiene service include:


  • Verification and updating of undeliverable emails with new emails or contacts with emails
  • Verification and updating of invalid or obsolete demographic information with the most recent information
  • Standardization of company names, telephone and fax numbers, addresses in line with USPS standards, zip codes, job titles, and other demographic details.

Data Hygiene
Data Hygiene

Our Process

AppendSolutions® Data Hygiene Service employs 3 levels of Cleansing


Data Verification

Running the list with our multiple in-house databases to identify the obsolete / incorrect information.


Data Update / Correction

Running the identified errors in the list against our Master Database to update the most current information.All given fields are checked and updated including Contact Names where an alternate contact (with same/similar job function along with his/her contact details) would be provided in case the given contact no longer exists in the company.


Advance Information Update

We have compiled a huge database of alternate email address combinations by tracking changes in the databases of ours and opt-in data partners.

If a given contact has moved from one company to another, we can provide you with the contact’s latest information which includes the current company the contact is employed with and business contact information.

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