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Terry MaternowskiAccount Manager
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Glendine SalvateraProduction Manager
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Lydie MinManager
“I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the extraordinary service you provided to. With only 2 days to go before a major trade show, you and your team stepped up, worked with us to get our requirements, did all the technical work, and got the mailing out in a matter of a few hours. This was service above and beyond, and we really appreciate it.”
Jeff PepperPresident and CEO
“We searched for quite a while trying to find a reliable data Append vendor, particularly one that offers accurate email address Append. We eventually found and have been using Append Solutions for over four years now with much success.”
Craig HudsonMgr., CRM & Database Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before choosing an append partner one should gather as much information as possible. Here are a series of questions people frequently ask.

What is Email Append?

Email Append is a process of matching a comprehensive database that matches your existing customer file of names and physical addresses with accurate and deliverable email addresses. The result is an email database containing fields of names, postal addresses and emails.

How does the process work?

AppendSolutions® Email Append Process is a four pronged process starting from the database receipt – matching – verifying – Sending out permission based introductory emails to delivering the database back to the client. This approach ensures a high append rate with maximum quality.

How does this differ from other business append services available today?

A lot of Email Append Vendors manufacture emails based on email topologies from different companies. AppendSolutions® Email Append Process is CAN SPAM compliant and our process is strictly matching the contact details with the Master File which contains list of Opt-in contacts.

How long is an email address valid?

This of course varies on a case-by-case basis. However, it is generally expected that an email database of customers will show 1-2% turnover from each month as people change jobs, move or switch Internet providers. This is a great reason to make sure your append provider has data that is up to date and that they offer a rebate for any bounces that occur on your first blast. AppendSolutions® offers a guarantee of 90 days on the deliverability of the appended emails from the date of delivery of the appended file.

How do we know these are the right email addresses?

The appended email addresses are thoroughly checked before delivery through our advanced email verification tool.

What is an opt-out message?

When you have your data appended many vendors offer you the opportunity for an additional fee to send an opt-out message. This is a message to the list of email addresses they successfully match for you, which announces that you would like to communicate, send special offers, update your audience via email. The email includes an easy to execute method for the recipient to opt-out if they choose.

Some companies prefer to have the vendor send this message and others prefer to send this message themselves and some companies prefer not to send an opt-out rather. AppendSolutions® recommends its’ client to send introductory emails to the appended contacts to seek their permission before sending out any solicitation. AppendSolutions® offers this service entirely free of cost as a part of its’ Email Append Process.

Should I send the opt-out message or should I have the vendor do this as part of the service?

This depends on your objectives. If your objective is to maintain the highest number of successful appends, it’s recommended that your company or organization handle the opt-out message. Sending the opt-out message from your company or organization yields a lower opt-out rate because the recipient sees the email is coming from a company they are familiar with. When your append vendor sends a message “on your behalf” it can sometimes be misconstrued as spam and yield a higher opt-out rate.

If however, your objective is to have the safest list, then having the append company do your opt-out message can be the solution.

What about privacy?

In order to append a database it is required by all reputed append companies that the list is of your customers. These should not be strangers who have never heard from you. The append process is about opening a new line of communication with that group which is more efficient and cost effective. As a company or organization with a relationship you have the right to ethically contact them in a manner that protects their privacy.

It is not advisable that you sell your appended list or breach your customer’s privacy by sharing this data with other companies that do not have an existing relationship with your customers.

What is the expected match rate?

The match rate you can anticipate depends on 2 main factors. The first factor that will determine your match rate is the nature of your database. The audience demographic details can also play a role in the match success. Does the client database provided with a group of individuals that are likely to have email accounts? The second factor that plays a large role in the successful match rate is the number of Domains or total records in the vendors’ database. Naturally the larger the database the more opportunities there will be for a successful match.

With that said, here are the averages one can typically expect.

Consumer File: 15-35%

Business-to-Business File: 35-85%

What is the average opt-out rate?

When you send an opt-out message the resulting opt-outs will depend on the how well you’ve established a relationship is with your customer database. How the message is constructed.

The average opt-out rate on an opt-out mailing ranges from 2-4%

How long does the append process typically take?

Depending on the vendor you use and whether you require them to run an opt-out message the time varies. For a straight append with no opt-out message, AppendSolutions® Email Append process generally takes 3-4 weeks depending on the size of input database. If you’re in a hurry this can often be reduced to 1 week through our ‘Rush Process’ at an nominal additional cost.

If your append project requires the vendor to send an opt-out message, this can add approximately 3-5 weeks to the process.

What are the costs?

AppendSolutions® charges only for emails that are appended at the end of the Email Append Process and not on the number of input records. This ensures you get the maximum ROI and pay for exactly what you get in return. The Cost is based on a scaled down pricing schedule based on volume. Please visit Quick Quote Page or schedule a call and one of our sales representatives will contact you at your convenience.