AppendSolutions are professional and very hard working. The firm has set a well-defined reporting procedure providing buyers with adequate data to monitor day-to-day performance and over all ROI. The company is dedicated to client satisfaction and is willing to find ways to improve their performance. The firm’s leadership is honest and tries their best to accommodate sometime can be last minute request.
Lydie MinManager
I am very pleased with the results of the append service. The data quality was great. They consistently provide great customer service and they stand behind their data.
Terry MaternowskiAccount Manager
AppendSolutions is by far the best email append vendor I’ve ever used and their customer service is outstanding
Lucretia LyonsPresident
We searched for quite a while trying to find a reliable data Append vendor, particularly one that offers accurate email address Append. We eventually found and have been using Append Solutions for over four years now with much success.
Jeff PepperPresident and CEO
Append Solutions is by far the BEST Email Append Services I’ve used. They consistently deliver quality data for a low price. The team members are great to work with and provides excellent customer service. Thanks Append Solutions for the awesome work!
Glendine SalvateraProduction Manager

How To – Pick Your Email Append Partner

Email Append has proved to be an able ally for all business domains. I have explained the process of Email Append in my earlier articles and how can Email Append help businesses to increase their ROI by investing a fraction of their marketing budget. Now the question is, who to partner with for Email Append? There are some major players in the field of Email Append and it is very much necessary for a business to keep the following points in mind while choosing an Email Append partner.


  • Credibility of The Append Company: Email Append is a very delicate process and there are a few set norms for a legalized append process. It is advisable to the businesses to go through the process of their Append partner to avoid legal issues such as SPAM and Email Harvesting.A quality list vendor’s append process is highly up-to-date one, where the clients’ database is matched with vendor’s master database. The vendor updates their database quarterly, so that the clients are serviced with the recent details.
  • Cost of The Append Project: Cost of Append Emails to a database varies from company. Normally it depends on the number of correct Email addresses that are added to the clients’ list and not on the volume of the list provided by the client. A set up fee is charged by many Append companies for a lower volume of list that is supplied for Append. The business should find out where they can get a maximum return on their database by shelling out the minimum investment.
  • ROI expectance: The higher the Append rate, the better it is for a business, as they will be provided with more information resulting in greater reach towards their target audience. This depends on the recency of the contacts, type of contact title and volume of the database of the Append Company.
  • Package Offers: Normally it is advisable to look for a maximum output with a minimum cost. This depends on what the full Email Append package of a company offers. Companies offer packages like a Free Test Append for 50 – 100 contacts so that the clients can check the quality of the return they might be expecting. It’s a trial for the clients to analyze what service are they buying and what to expect. Along with the Append process, all the major list vendors provide offers like personalized mail-outs, sending out introductory permission messages on behalf of the clients.
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