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Consumer Email Append - A Cost Effective Driver for your Email Marketing

Consumer Email Append is quite different from Business Email Append. Here consumer records that contain basic information like Name and Address are appended with missing emails to make these records accessible for email communication.

The contacts are usually segmented on the basis of various criteria like, ethnicity, demography, age, sex, income etc, and with the addition of emails, companies can customize their messages and deliver them to the identified groups of consumers. Most of the time, since the email addresses are generic / isp email addresses, consumer email Append proves more challenging than a business append process.

AppendSolutions®, along with its channel partners, have successfully provided top of the line match rates in the process with a focused strategy, a unique match methodology and strong affiliate partnership. With a competitive pricing advantage and flexible pricing schemes based on volume, AppendSolutions® provides a large cross section of consumer focused organizations to derive maximum benefit out of this process.

Consumer Email Append is done based on two types of matches

Individual Match: Here the input file is matched against the Master Database based on the individual’s name, address and other given details to append the emails.

House Hold Match: The emails are appended by matching the input file against the Master Database based on the given address. The append rate on this process is considerably higher than that of Individual Match.


Benefits of Consumer Email Append

  • Best match rates for ensuring higher reach
  • 100% guarantee on deliverability of emails appended
  • Quicker response time and better lead returns through targeted email marketing campaigns
  • Easy to deploy campaigns on the list post email append
  • Easy to customize / personalized email messages to the targeted consumer groups with the appended lists

Our Consumer Email Append Process

At AppendSolutions®, we match your list against our master database of over 120 million consumer records in United States alone and 400 million worldwide that are updated regularly. We match and append emails to your consumer list by running it against our Consumer Master file based on Name, Address and other available demographic / psychographic information like age, gender, income, purchase patterns and lifestyle indicators.

Our Consumer Master Database is acquired through permission channels only like – public records, credit filing reports and postal data. We also employee partner resources to enhance our database volume and secure higher match rates.

The Chart below Outlines our Consumer Email Append Process.


Identification & Upload of Input File

Client Input File for Consumer Email Append generally contains Name, Address and Phone of the contacts. The Append process begins by the Client identifying the records from its internal database that need Email Append. These records are then uploaded or emailed to AppendSolutions® for Append. These contact records can be sent in any file format as desired by the Client. AppendSolutions® accepts data files in all popular file formats.


Match & Append

Upon receipt of the input file, AppendSolutions® formats these records in file a format which is easily readable by its internal proprietary match software. These records are then matched with AppendSolutions® Consumer Master Database with over 120 million contacts with emails based on various factors to identify the right contacts. Once a contact is identified, the emails are appended from the Master Database to the Client’s input file. To achieve a higher match rate, AppendSolutions® also processes the Client Input File through trusted partner databases.


Data Verification

The Client’s Input file with appended emails are then passed through a rigorous verification process. This verification process is mostly kept automated for faster turnaround time.


Introductory Permission Campaign

The appended Client File contacts with valid emails are sent an introductory permission message on behalf of the Client. This message is sent out primarily to seek permission from the recipients about the Client’s interest in establishing email communication with them. These messages have multiple unsubscribe options and a recipient can choose to unsubscribe from receiving communication from the Client. The contacts that have chosen to opt-out are segregated.


Upload & Delivery

The Client Input File is now complete and uploaded to our secure server. The Client can now download the completed file by using unique secure username and password provided to them.

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