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Reverse Append - Get More from just an Email Address

Most marketing databases include essential contact information like Name, Email, Phone, and Address, alongside other crucial fields such as URL, Fax, Company Revenue, and Employee Size. Companies use this contact information for telemarketing, direct mail marketing, and email marketing activities. Although it’s challenging to determine the most crucial field among all the contact fields listed, email marketing is still popular due to its low cost, high reach, and easy delivery mechanism. This has led companies to prioritize email addresses over other contact data fields, but AppendSolutions® believes in maintaining all contact data fields, ensuring that databases are complete and useful for various marketing activities. The company has a specialized Reverse Append process that helps add missing fields to databases, starting from the email address. This process helps keep lists fresh and updated.

Many companies buy harvested email addresses from non-reputable list service providers. These email addresses may be valid, but they come with no additional information, making it impossible for companies to segment data for campaigns. In these cases, companies often send blind email blasts without success or means of measurement. AppendSolutions®‘s reverse append process helps complete these blind lists with critical contact field information, such as Name, Address, Phone, and URL, making campaigns more meaningful for delivery and measurement. Merging email campaigns with telemarketing and/or direct mail campaigns is known to improve response rates. Having all data fields in marketing lists ensures maximum returns irrespective of the mode of the marketing campaign.

AppendSolutions®‘s Reverse Append Process matches the available contact information against its Master Database and identifies the corresponding contact record to append all missing information as requested by the Client.


Our Reverse Append Process

partial data fields against its Master Database. Based on the available contact information, AppendSolutions® matches and identifies the corresponding contact record in its Master Database and appends all missing information as desired by the Client.

Since the Master Database contains most recent and accurate contact information, our Clients can be assured of a complete and high-quality contact list.


Identification & Upload of Input File

Client identifies the records in their database which require Reverse Append. These records are then uploaded or emailed to AppendSolutions®. These contact records can be sent in any file format as desired by the Client. AppendSolutions® accepts data files in all popular file formats. The Client Input File typically misses information like the Contact Name, Company, and Address.


Match & Append

Upon receipt of the input file, AppendSolutions® formats these records in file a format which is easily readable by its internal proprietary match software. These records are then matched with AppendSolutions® Business or Consumer Master Database depending on the nature of the input file. The records are matched based on the email addresses to identify the right contacts. Once a contact is identified, the missing details as desired by the Client, are added to the Client Input file from the Master database


Data Verification

The Client’s Input file with appended fields are then passed through a rigorous verification process. Though the Master Database is updated on a regular basis, AppendSolutions® checks the authenticity of the data that’s appended to the Client’s Input File. AppendSolutions® uses both automated and manual processes for validating the data


Upload & Delivery

The Client Input File is now complete and uploaded to our secure server. The Client can now download the completed file by using unique secure username and password provided to them.

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